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How we started?

Our story begins in 2017, based on the idea of Paulo Mendes, also a founding partner of 2GET. Since then, our first steps began in a meeting room located at 2GET, where all infrastructure and resources, including the table, were fully shared.

The team is made up of a small number of people with extreme dreamy feelings and they apply in every line of code of their developed products the passion for the company's ascendancy and the digital transformation in the Executive Search scenario.

As 2RECRUIT, our first product, was broadening its horizons and incorporating other countries as well as consumers, we saw the need to be named 2GETLabs. Today, not only has our team grown, now consisting of a group of 8 people totally immersed in an environment with Post-Its walls full of posters, and consuming a lot of coffee, but also our dream of impacting people around the world, originating the largest Executive Search portfolio impacting lives and careers through technology.

And so, we follow the HR Tech start-up style by applying enhancements to 2RECRUIT, developing new products such as VirtualRecruiter, WHO and becoming the hub of innovation for the world's largest Executive Search group.


Our main focus is to keep people together in a relaxed and innovative environment, stimulating creation on all fronts with a horizontal and disruptive culture. Where, with the use of agile methodology and the use of the latest technologies in the market, we guarantee our mission of delivering high quality products and processes to all our customers.

2GETLabs Manifest

  • Set Theory
  • Ownership Sense
  • Results Oriented
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Adaptation and Changes
  • Simplicity

Our Team

Our Services


We build and configure Cloud Computing infrastructure.

Architecture and software development

All of tecnologic products are designed and developed.

UX & UI Design

Interfaces and software prototypes for all.

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